Vapor Lab Rewards
JUST Got Easier!

Earn 1 Point For Every Dollar You Spend!

Enjoy Offers

Get personal offers on what you like

Get Organized

Track your spending with digital receipts

Earn Rewards

Get discounts, free gifts, and bonuses

How It Works

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    Get A Vapor Lab Rewards Card

    Get your Vapor Lab Rewards card at any Vapor Lab location or you can download the Appcard app on your smartphone!

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    Earn Rewards

    Swipe your Vapor Lab Rewards Card or give us your phone number when you pay at any of our Three area locations. Start earning rewards immediately and get personalized offers.

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    Get Discounts and Rewards

    Save money by redeeming your awards to get discounts on purchases at any Vapor Lab location.

10ML E-Liquid

50 Points

30ML E-Liquid

150 Points

10% Off Purchase!

300 Points

240ML E-Liquid

650 Points

15% off Entire Purchase!

1000 Points